• Changes to higher education institutions in Europe

    On this map, we have recreated the changes to higher education institutions in Europe. This content is not yet complete. The data is concentrated on the current 2,180 universities in Europe, but we still do not have data for about 400 schools. The recorded data includes key information related to the universities such as year of establishment, number of students, university URL, and map data. The oldest university in the world is the University of Bologna in Italy, but on this map, the University of Oxford is the first one to appear. Thus, we have selected a point in time in which at least some type of educational facility existed. Nevertheless, it was not yet called a university, so going forward, we will visualize the data for all universities based on a variety of materials. Also we have not yet prepared the display to make the sizes of the points differ according to the numbers of students. Specification by type Using the radio button, it is possible to display changes to “non-profit institutions” and “for-profit institutions, etc.” In Europe, there are differences between the university systems of each country, so it is difficult to distinguish public and private, or state and private as can be done in the United States. Therefore, here we have made the distinction of non-profit and for-profit. Specification by classification We have divided up the educational institutions by class and category based on the degree issued. Thus it is possible to check the changes to universities in a given category: Doctor Degrees, Master Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Certificate Degrees.
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