No. タイトル ファイル名 大学名
1 BCM Intellectual Property BCM_001_02_A_0000_2007_doc Baylor College of Medicine
2 Licensing Revenue BCM_002_02_A_0000_2007_doc Baylor College of Medicine
3 Policy on Patents and Other Intellectual Property BCM_003_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Baylor College of Medicine
4 Why License BCM_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc Baylor College of Medicine
5 Conflict of Interest Policy BST_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc Boston University
6 Copyright Policy BST_002_02_A_0000_2007_doc Boston University
7 External Compensated Activity Policy BST_003_03_A_0000_2007_doc Boston University
8 Patent Policy and Agreemnet BST_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc Boston University
9 Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy BWH_001_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
10 Intellectual Property Policy BWH_002_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
11 about Intellectual Property Acknowledgement BWH_003_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
12 Intellectual Property Acknowledgement BWH_004_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
13 Intellectual Property Overview BWH_005_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
14 Intellectual Property Policy FAQ BWH_006_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
15 Consulting Policy BWH_007_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
16 Material Transfer Agreements BWH_008_03_A_0000_2007_doc Brigham and Womens Hospital
17 Consulting Agreement BWH_009_03_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
18 Form for receiving research materials under an Material Transfer Agreements 2004 BWH_010_03_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
19 Form for sending research materials under an Material Transfer Agreements 2003 BWH_011_03_B_0000_2007_pdf Brigham and Womens Hospital
20 Sponsored Research Agreement BWH_012_03_B_0000_2007_doc Brigham and Womens Hospital
21 Corporate Affiliates Program CIT_001_03_A_0000_2007_pdf California Institute of Technology
22 For Industry CIT_002_03_B_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
23 Starting Company CIT_003_03_B_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
24 policy costsharing CIT_004_04_A_0000_2007_pdf California Institute of Technology
25 Grubstake Program CIT_005_04_B_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
26 Conflict of Interest CIT_006_01_A_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
27 Copyright and Software Policy CIT_007_02_A_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
28 Copyright Specifics CIT_008_02_A_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
29 Copyright Tutorial CIT_009_02_A_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
30 Doing Business The Caltech Way. CIT_010_03_B_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
31 Handbook of Academic Policies and Procedures CIT_011_02_A_0000_2007_pdf California Institute of Technology
32 Protecting you technology CIT_012_02_A_0000_2007_doc California Institute of Technology
33 Intellectual Property Policy CMU_001_02_A_0000_2007_doc Carnegie Mellon University
34 Copyrights CMU_002_02_B_0000_2007_doc Carnegie Mellon University
35 Patents CMU_003_02_B_0000_2007_doc Carnegie Mellon University
36 How to License CMU_004_03_B_0000_2007_doc Carnegie Mellon University
37 Policy Statement on Cooperative Research and Development Agreements and Intellectual Property Licensing DCP_001_11_A_0000_2007_pdf Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
38 Guidance for Collaboration with the Private Sector DCP_002_06_A_0000_2007_doc Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
39 ORAU Team Conflict of Interest Policy DCP_003_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
40 Procurement Integrity Restrictions DCP_004_01_A_0000_2007_doc Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
41 conflict of interest disclosure_form05 DCP_005_01_B_0000_2007_rtf Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
42 Columbia University Medical Center Conflict of Interest Policy CLB_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc Columbia University
43 Guidelines for Situations Involving Potential Conflicts of Interest Between Scholarly and Commercial Activities CLB_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc Columbia University
44 Intellectual Property Guidelines CLB_003_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Columbia University
46 Regulations Governing Externally Funded Research and Instruction CLB_005_03_A_0000_2007_doc Columbia University
47 about Technology Transfer CLB_006_03_C_0000_2007_doc Columbia University
48 The Commercialization of University Medical Research CLB_007_04_C_0000_2007_doc Columbia University
49 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment CRN_001_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Cornell University
50 Copy Right Policy FOR THE MEDICAL COLLEGE AND GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES CRN_002_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Cornell University
51 Cornell University Patent Policy CRN_003_02_A_0000_2007_doc Cornell University
52 about Bayh-Dole Act CRN_004_02_2_0000_2007_doc Cornell University
53 Bayh Dole Act -Guid to the Law CRN_005_02_2_0000_2007_pdf Cornell University
54 For Industry (about Licensing) CRN_006_03_B_0000_2007_doc Cornell University
55 Licensing Principles For Industry CRN_007_03_B_0000_2007_doc Cornell University
56 Corporate Connections CRN_008_03_C_0000_2007_doc Cornell University
57 Conflict of Interest Policy DKU_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc Duke University
58 The School of Medicine Conflict of Interest Policy DKU_002_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Duke University
59 “Duke University Policies on Inventions ,Patents , and Technology Transfer” DKU_003_08_A_0000_2007_doc Duke University
60 “Open and Collaborative” Research – A New Model for Biomedicine DKU_004_09_E_0000_2007_pdf Duke University
61 BAYH-DOLE REFORM AND THE PROGRESS OF BIOMEDICINE DKU_005_09_E_0000_2007_pdf Duke University
62 Policy on Intellectual Property Rights DKU_006_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Duke University
63 Royalty Sharing Policy HRV_001_11_A_0000_2007_pdf Harvard University
64 Equity Policy HRV_002_06_A_0000_2007_pdf Harvard University
65 Conflicting of Interest Policy – Harvard University general principle HRV_003_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Harvard University
66 Harvard University Consultant Agreement – Recommended Guidelines HRV_004_01_A_0000_2007_doc Harvard University
67 Policies on Conflict of Interest and Commitment – the Harvard Faculty of Medicine HRV_005_01_A_0000_2007_doc Harvard University
68 Patent and Copyright Policy HRV_006_02_A_0000_2007_doc Harvard University
69 Faculty of Medicine Statement on Research Sponsored by Industry HRV_007_03_A_0000_2007_doc Harvard University
70 Harvard University Policy for Release of Inventions to Inventors HRV_008_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Harvard University
71 corporate medicine topik HRV_009_04_C_0000_2007_doc Harvard University
72 Office of Technology Licensing & Industry Sponsored Research FAQ HRV_010_03_B_0000_2007_doc Harvard University
73 Technology Licensing Involving Equity and Associated Sponsored Research – School of Public Health JHU_001_06_A_0000_2007_doc Johns Hopkins University
74 Conflicts of Interest and Commitment – School of Public Health JHU_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc Johns Hopkins University
75 Intellectual Property Policy – Johns Hopkins University general principle JHU_003_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Johns Hopkins University
76 Intellectual Property Policy – School of Public Health JHU_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc Johns Hopkins University
77 Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer Standard Operating Procedures JHU_005_03_A_0000_2007_doc Johns Hopkins University
78 Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer FAQ JHU_006_03_B_0000_2007_doc Johns Hopkins University
79 Policies & Guidelines MGH_001_11_A_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
80 “Inventions & Intellectual Property, Invention Disclosure” MGH_002_02_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
81 Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment MGH_003_01_A_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
82 Agreements MGH_004_08_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
83 Invention Disclosure MGH_005_08_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
84 Intellectual Property Policy for Partners-Affiliated Hospitals and Institutions MGH_006_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
85 IP PolicyOverview MGH_007_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
86 Patent Information MGH_008_02_A_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
87 “Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, Inc, IPAcknowBWH” MGH_009_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
88 Copyright Information MGH_010_02_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
89 Identiying Patentable Inventions MGH_011_02_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
90 “IP Acknowledgement and Policy Packet, Explanation and Instrutions” MGH_012_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
91 IP Policy FAQs MGH_013_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
92 Patent Process MGH_014_02_B_0000_2007_gif Massachusets General Hospital
93 Protecting Inventions made MGH_015_02_B_0000_2006_doc Massachusets General Hospital
94 “The General Hospital Corporation, IPAcknowledgement” MGH_016_02_B_0000_2006_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
95 What is a Patent MGH_017_02_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
96 ConsultingPolicy MGH_018_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Massachusets General Hospital
97 Biological Material Transfer MGH_019_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
98 Clinical Trial MGH_020_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
99 Code of Conduct MGH_021_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
100 Confidentiality MGH_022_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
101 Consulting MGH_023_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
102 “Industrial Relationships, Clinical Trials Questionnaire” MGH_024_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
103 “Industrial Relationships, Sponsored Questionnaire” MGH_025_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
104 Industry MGH_026_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
105 Licensing MGH_027_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
106 Sponsored Research MGH_028_03_B_0000_2007_doc Massachusets General Hospital
107 Draft report of the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Intellectual Property and Conflict of Commitment MIT_001_05_A_0000_2007_pdf Massachusetts Institute of Technology
108 Conflict of Interest – MIT Policies and Procedures – A Guide for Faculty and Staff Members MIT_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc Massachusetts Institute of Technology
109 Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Intellectual Property Office MIT_003_02_C_0000_2007_doc Massachusetts Institute of Technology
110 “Guide to the Ownership, Distribution and Commercial Development of M.I.T. Technology (Technology Licensing Office)” MIT_004_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Massachusetts Institute of Technology
111 Conflict of interest policy MGU_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc McGill University
112 Policy on conflict of interest and duty of loyalty MGU_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc McGill University
113 policy on intellectual property MGU_003_02_A_0000_2007_pdf McGill University
114 University policies on inventions and patents MGU_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc McGill University
115 Sponsored Research Policies at McGill University MGU_005_03_A_0000_2007_doc McGill University
116 Business Conduct Policy SKC_001_11_A_0000_2007_pdf Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
117 about Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Office of Industrial Affairs SKC_002_03_C_0000_2007_doc Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
118 Code of Conduct MRC_001_07_A_0000_2007_txt Merck
119 Clinical Trials Registries and the Publiation of Clinical Trial Results MRC_002_09_A_0000_2007_txt Merck
120 Guidelines for Publication of Clinical Trials and Related Works MRC_003_09_A_0000_2007_txt Merck
121 Compliance MRC_004_04_A_0000_2007_doc Merck
122 Ethics in Action MRC_005_04_A_0000_2007_doc Merck
123 Improving the Business Environment MRC_006_04_A_0000_2007_doc Merck
124 Mission Statement MRC_007_04_A_0000_2007_doc Merck
125 Policies of Board MRC_008_04_A_0000_2007_pdf Merck
126 Innovation MRC_009_04_C_0000_2007_doc Merck
127 Merck_Corporate_Responsibility_Report_2005 MRC_010_04_E_0000_2007_pdf Merck
128 Code of Excellence MSM_001_08_A_0000_2007_doc Mount Sinai Medical Center
129 Intellectual Property Option to Collaborator NCI_001_02_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
130 Intellectual Property NCI_002_02_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
131 NCI-Coorporative Group-Industry Relationship Guidelines NCI_003_03_A_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
132 NCI-Industry Forum NCI_004_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
133 OTIR Activities NCI_005_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
134 OTIR Mission NCI_006_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
135 Small Business Coordination NCI_007_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
136 Small Business Funding Opportunities NCI_008_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
137 Small Business Innovation Research NCI_009_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
138 Small Business Technology Transfer NCI_010_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
139 “Technology Transfer Branch, Standard Forms and Agreements” NCI_011_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
140 Technology Transfer NCI_012_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
141 UIP Funding Opportunities NCI_013_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
142 Unconventional Innovations Program NCI_014_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
143 Vendor Relationships NCI_015_03_B_0000_2007_doc National Cancer Institute
144 Financial Conflict of Interest(Grantee) NIH_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
145 Reminder of Financial Conflict of Interest Requirements for All NIH-Supported Institutions NIH_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
146 COI Information NIH_003_01_B_0000_2007_pdf National Institutes of Health
147 FAQs Concerning the Department of Health and NIH_004_01_B_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
148 NIH Regulatory Burden Financial Conflict of Interest NIH_005_01_B_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
149 POST-REVIEW CERTIFICATION FORM REGARDING CONFLICT OF INTEREST NIH_006_01_B_0000_2007_pdf National Institutes of Health
150 PRE-REVIEW CERTIFICATION FORM REGARDING CONFLICT OF INTEREST NIH_007_01_B_0000_2007_pdf National Institutes of Health
151 a Research about the Financial Conflict of Interest NIH_008_01_C_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
152 Conflict of Interest Workshop Summary NIH_009_01_C_0000_2007_pdf National Institutes of Health
153 NIH Announces Final Ethics Rules NIH_010_01_C_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
154 the Public Health Service (PHS) and the Office NIH_011_01_C_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
155 NIH Principles and Guidelines for Sharing of Biomedical Resources NIH_012_08_A_0000_2007_pdf National Institutes of Health
156 Report of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Working Group on Research Tools NIH_013_08_B_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
157 Licensing Policy NIH_014_02_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
158 A Plan to Ensure Taxpayers’ Interests are Protected NIH_015_02_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
159 NIH Procedures for Handling Non-Election of Title to Patentable Biological Materials NIH_016_02_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
160 Processing of Requests for Assignment of Invention Rights to the Inventor NIH_017_02_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
161 Chart detailing Extramural Invention Reporting Compliance Responsibilities NIH_018_02_B_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
162 FAQS INVENTION REPORTING TO THE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH NIH_019_02_B_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
164 Developing Sponsored Research Agreements – Considerations for Recipients of NIH Research Grants and Contracts NIH_021_03_A_0000_2007_doc National Institutes of Health
165 Conflict of Interest NYU_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
166 Investigator Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Policy NYU_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
167 New York of University Supplemental Guidelines for Disclosure and Review of Conflicts in Research NYU_003_01_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
168 Statemen of Policy on Patents NYU_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
169 Statement of Policy of Copyrights NYU_005_02_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
170 Applied Research Support Fund Revisd Goals and Guidelines NYU_006_10_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
171 Business Expenses NYU_007_10_A_0000_2007_pdf New York University
172 Guidelines for Sponsored Research NYU_008_04_A_0000_2007_doc New York University
173 Institutional Financial Conflict of Interest PSU_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc Penn State University
174 About Institutional COI PSU_002_01_B_0000_2007_doc Penn State University
175 IntroductiontoIndividualConflictof Interests PSU_003_01_B_0000_2007_doc Penn State University
176 Patents and Copyrigths PSU_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc Penn State University
177 Policy Governing Copyriht Clearance PSU_005_02_A_0000_2007_doc Penn State University
178 Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurial Activity PSU_006_03_A_0000_2007_doc Penn State University
179 CONFLICT OF INTEREST GUIDELINES PRN_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc Princeton University
180 CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN RESEARCH POLICY PRN_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc Princeton University
181 Intellectual PropertyPolicy PRN_003_02_A_0000_2007_doc Princeton University
182 Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials PRN_004_03_B_0000_2007_doc Princeton University
183 Technology Collaborations and Research Commercialization at Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials PRN_005_03_B_0000_2007_doc Princeton University
184 University Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment PRD_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc Purdue University
185 Policy on Intellectual Property PRD_002_02_A_0000_2007_doc Purdue University
186 faculty-owned PRD_003_10_A_0000_2007_pdf Purdue University
187 Industrial Research Collaborations and Technology Transfer SRI_001_03_C_0000_2007_doc Scripps Research Institute
188 Handbook of Academic Policy and Proceedure STN_001_15_A_0000_2007_doc Stanford University
189 Doing Business The Caltech Way. STN_002_13_A_0000_2007_doc Stanford University
190 Equity Acquisition in Technology Licensing and Distance Learning Agreements STN_003_06_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
191 Outside Consulting Activities by Members of the Academic Council STN_004_06_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
192 Conflict of Commitment and Interest for Academic Staff STN_005_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
193 Faculty Policy on Conflict of Commitment STN_006_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
194 Institutional Conflict of Interest STN_007_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
195 School of Medicine Conflicts of Interest Policy STN_008_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
196 “Code of Conduct, Business Conduct” STN_009_01_B_0000_2007_doc Stanford University
197 Staff Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest STN_010_01_B_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
198 Intellectual Property Agreements for Non-Stanford Personnel STN_011_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
199 “Inventions, Patents and Licensing” STN_012_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
200 Policy on Patents and Other Intellectual Property STN_013_02_A_0000_2007_doc Stanford University
201 Tangible Research Property STN_014_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
202 University Investments in Start-Up Companies Involving Stanford Faculty STN_015_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Stanford University
203 policy85 – Scholarly Integrity (referring tointellectual property) UBC_001_05_A_0000_2007_pdf University of British Columbia
204 policy87 – research (referring tointellectual property) UBC_002_05_A_0000_2007_pdf University of British Columbia
205 policy97 – conflict of interest UBC_003_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of British Columbia
206 UBC’s Intellectual Property Policies UBC_004_01_B_0000_2007_doc University of British Columbia
207 policy88 – Patents and Licensing UBC_005_02_A_0000_2007_pdf University of British Columbia
208 Faculty of Medicine Commercial_Support_Guidelines UBC_006_03_A_0000_2007_pdf University of British Columbia
209 Faculty of Medicine Policies for Graduate Students in an Industry-Supported Environment UBC_007_03_A_0000_2007_pdf University of British Columbia
210 Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members General Guideline UCA_001_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of California
211 “UC CONFLICT OF INTEREST CODE(effective date of April 1, 1980)” UCA_002_01_B_0000_2007_doc University of California
212 UC Policy and State Law Concerning Conflicts of Interest in Licensing UCA_003_01_B_0000_2007_pdf University of California
213 Guidance on Intellectual Property UCA_004_02_A_0000_2007_pdf University of California
214 UC Patent Policy UCA_005_02_A_0000_2007_doc University of California
215 Intellectual Property and Related Matters UCA_006_02_B_0000_2007_doc University of California
216 Principles Regarding Rights to Future Research Results in University Agreements with External Parties UCA_007_03_A_0000_2007_pdf University of California
217 UC Guidelines on University-Industry Relations UCA_008_03_A_0000_2007_doc University of California
218 UNIVERSITY LICENSING GUIDELINES UCA_009_03_A_0000_2007_doc University of California
219 Participation in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs (UCB) UCA_010_03_A_0000_2007_doc University of California
220 Financial Conflict of Interest Procedures(UCB) UCB_001_01_D_0000_2007_doc “University of California, Berkeley”
221 Participation in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs (UCB) UCB_002_03_A_0000_2007_doc “University of California, Berkeley”
222 Guidelines on Managing Potential Conflicts of Interesting Licensing UCV_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc “University of California, Davis”
224 UCLA’s Office of Intellectual Property Administration Guide UCL_001_02_B_0000_2007_doc “University of California, Los Angeles”
225 Consulting for Industry Guideline UCD_001_06_A_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Diego”
226 Clarification of Principles Related to Conflict of Interest in Research UCD_002_01_A_0000_2007_pdf “University of California, San Diego”
227 University of California Policy on Disclosure UCD_003_01_A_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Diego”
228 Conflict of Commitment UCD_004_01_B_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Diego”
229 Conflict of Interest Guideline UCD_005_01_B_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Diego”
230 Conflict of Interest Manual UCD_006_01_B_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Diego”
231 Working with Industry UCD_007_03_B_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Diego”
232 UCSF School of Medicine – Guide to Faculty Consulting Agreements UCF_001_03_B_0000_2007_doc “University of California, San Francisco”
233 “The University of Chicago Outside Prioffesional and Commercial Interests of Faculty, Conflict of Interest” UCH_001_13_A_0000_2007_doc University of Chicago
234 Report of the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Conflict of Interest UCH_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Chicago
235 Report of the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Conflict of Interest UCH_003_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Chicago
236 Guideline Technology Transfer UCH_004_03_A_0000_2007_doc University of Chicago
237 University of chicago Technology and Commercialization of Intellectual Property-The Mission of UCTech UCH_005_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Chicago
238 “Conflict of Interest, Operating Principles and Definitions” UMC_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
239 Overarching Principles Guiding Conflict of Interest Evaluation UMC_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
240 Revied Policy on Intellectual Proprties UMC_003_02_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Michigan
241 Patents and Other Legal Protection UMC_004_02_B_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
242 Options for Commercialization UMC_005_10_B_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
243 General Start-up Information UMC_006_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
244 Licensing Principles UMC_007_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
245 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment UMC_008_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Michigan
246 Tech Transfer Process UMC_009_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Michigan
247 Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty Members UPN_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Pennsylvania
248 Guidelines on institutional Conflicts of Interest UPN_002_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
249 Human Resources Policy for Conflict of Interest for Faculty and Staff UPN_003_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Pennsylvania
250 Guidelines on Foundation Intellectual Property Issues UPN_004_02_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
251 Patent and Tangible Research Property UPN_005_02_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
252 Policy Relating to Copyrights and Commitment of Effort for Faculty UPN_006_02_A_0000_2007_doc University of Pennsylvania
253 “Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations in Technology Commercialization at Penn” UPN_007_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Pennsylvania
254 “Managing Sponsored Projects, A Quick Guide for Faculty” UPN_008_04_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
255 Policy Concerning the Designation of Sponsored Program Activity UPN_009_04_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
256 Sponsored Projects Close-out UPN_010_04_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
257 A Layman’s Guide to Conflict of Interest UPN_011_01_B_0000_2007_doc University of Pennsylvania
258 Sponsored Projects Administration Handbook UPN_012_04_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Pennsylvania
259 Guidelines for Faculty of Medicine Graduate UTR_001_06_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Toronto
260 Guidelines Relationship UTR_002_06_A_0000_2007_doc University of Toronto
261 Intellectual Property UTR_003_02_C_0000_2007_doc University of Toronto
262 Licensing and Spin Offs UTR_004_03_A_0000_2007_doc University of Toronto
263 Guidelines for Faculty of Medicine UTR_005_06_A_0000_2007_txt University of Toronto
264 Policy on Conflict of Interest Academic Staff UTR_006_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Toronto
265 Inventions Policy UTR_007_03_A_0000_2007_doc University of Toronto
266 Singnificant Financial Interest Dissclosure Policy UWS_001_11_A_0000_2007_doc University of Washington
267 Potential and real Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research UWS_002_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Washington
268 Patents Protection Clause for Priposals UWS_003_02_B_0000_2007_doc University of Washington
269 Grant and Contract Proposals to Industry UWS_004_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Washington
270 Cost Sharing Policy for Sponsored Agreements UWS_005_04_A_0000_2007_doc University of Washington
271 Guidelines for Classification of Sponsored Projects and Gifts UWS_006_04_A_0000_2007_doc University of Washington
272 Conflict of Interest in Research UWM_001_01_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Wisconcin-Madison
273 Guidelines for Evaluating Potential Conflicts of Interest UWM_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Wisconcin-Madison
274 Policies and Procedures for Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research UWM_003_01_A_0000_2007_doc University of Wisconcin-Madison
275 Intellectual Property Policies and Procedures UWM_004_02_A_0000_2007_pdf University of Wisconcin-Madison
276 Patent Policy UWM_005_02_A_0000_2007_doc University of Wisconcin-Madison
277 Licensing Process UWM_006_03_B_0000_2007_doc University of Wisconcin-Madison
278 Sponsored Projects Administration Handbook UWM_007_04_A_0000_2007_doc University of Wisconcin-Madison
279 University Principles and Guidelines VND_001_13_A_0000_2007_pdf Vanderbilt University
280 Conflicts Policy VND_002_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Vanderbilt University
281 Research Guide on Intellectual Property VND_003_02_B_0000_2007_doc Vanderbilt University
282 Technology Policy VND_004_03_A_0000_2007_doc Vanderbilt University
283 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Handbook VAM_001_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
284 Conflict-of-Interest-Crigger VAM_002_01_B_0000_2007_ppt Veterans Administration Medical Center
285 “Memofrom CRADO, Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research” VAM_003_01_B_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
286 Outline of Rights VAM_004_08_B_0000_2007_doc Veterans Administration Medical Center
287 Intellectual Property Handbook VAM_005_02_A_0000_2007_doc Veterans Administration Medical Center
288 Intellectual Property VAM_006_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
289 “VHA HANDBOOK,Intellectual Property” VAM_007_02_A_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
290 crada-guidelines VAM_008_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
291 CT CRADA Guidelines VAM_009_03_A_0000_2007_doc Veterans Administration Medical Center
292 Research Business Operations VAM_010_03_A_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
293 Invention Pathway VAM_011_03_B_0000_2007_pdf Veterans Administration Medical Center
294 Conflict of Interest Policy_WST_03 WST_001_01_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
295 Conflict of InterestPolicy_WST WST_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
296 Medical School Policy on Conflict of Interest WST_003_01_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
297 Intellectual Property Policy WST_004_02_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
298 Commercial Sale of Blood and Tissue Samples Policy WST_005_10_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
299 Policy on Distribution & Rigths of Succession of Revenue WST_006_03_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
300 Policy on the Unvesity’s Relationship with a Faculty Start-up Company WST_007_03_A_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
301 For Our Community WST_008_03_B_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
302 Transferring your Material to another Instituion or Company WST_009_03_B_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
303 Sponsored Project Accounting WST_010_04_B_0000_2007_doc “Washington University, St Louis”
304 University Policies Concerning Teaching and Research(Handbook) YLU_001_11_A_0000_2007_doc Yale University
305 Conflict-of-interest policy(School of Medicine) YLU_002_01_A_0000_2007_doc Yale University
306 Yale University Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment YLU_003_01_A_0000_2007_pdf Yale University
307 Consulting and the Patent Policy YLU_004_08_A_0000_2007_doc Yale University
308 Yale University Patent Policy YLU_005_02_A_0000_2007_doc Yale University
309 “Yale University Policy on Intellectual Property, Patents, and Licensing Agreements” YLU_006_02_B_0000_2007_pdf Yale University